Lentor Mansion Design Concept

Lentor Mansion Design Concept

The Lentor Mansion Design Concept is to craft an architectural landmark that complements and enhances the natural surroundings. This design philosophy emphasizes a deep connection with the landscape at every level, from the urban scale to the detailed architectural execution. Positioned strategically along Lentor Gardens and Lentor Hills roads, Lentor Mansion is encircled by green developments and parks, aiming to integrate smoothly with the area’s predominantly low-rise residential context. The thoughtful variation in building heights enhances the visual and spatial connection to nearby Hillock Park, enriching both the local ecosystem and community life.

Upon arrival at Lentor Mansion, the entrance immediately showcases the development’s architectural theme, drawing inspiration from Singapore’s colonial heritage with a modern interpretation. The elegant clubhouse and communal spaces, including a grand lap pool, embody a blend of classic design and contemporary functionality, inviting residents into a world where heritage meets modern living comforts.

Beyond the central pool area, Lentor Mansion unfolds into a tapestry of natural landscapes, featuring meandering creeks, serene garden nooks, and interwoven trails, all inspired by the richness of forest grounds. This design strategy allows residents to immerse themselves in varied natural settings throughout the development, offering an ever-changing experience with nature that’s both rejuvenating and luxurious in the context of modern city living.

Lentor Mansion features a mix of three low-rise and three high-rise towers, embracing tropical modern architecture and colonial aesthetics. This approach prioritizes natural ventilation and light, enhancing living comfort while reflecting the charm of Singapore’s colonial bungalows through its design and color scheme, creating a distinctive presence in the residential landscape.

The design of Lentor Mansion incorporates a unique façade rhythm that extends from the ground to the rooftop, punctuated by sky terraces on the 9th floor of the high-rise towers. These terraces, lush with greenery and offering seating areas, provide a serene outdoor space for residents to enjoy views or work in a natural setting. The roof features a distinctive crown, inspired by tropical modernism, that also cleverly conceals equipment, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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