Lentor Mansion Facilities List

Lentor Mansion Facilities

Every condo has its own list of facilities depending on the size of the area. Similarly due to the large land size, Lentor Mansion Facilities will be an good mix for you, your family and your guests.

Here’s the list of excellent facilities for Lentor Mansion with our own imagination of how the facilities will be used. You can check out the siteplan for more information on the exact locations.

Lentor Mansion Facilities : 1st Storey

  1. Pool Deck: A spacious area for sunbathing, relaxation, and enjoying the poolside atmosphere.
  2. 50m Pool: A long swimming pool suitable for laps and recreational swimming.
  3. Changing Room With Steam Room: Convenient facilities for changing and unwinding after a swim.
  4. Gym: A fitness center equipped with exercise machines and weights.
  5. Gym Deck: An outdoor extension of the gym, perfect for outdoor workouts.
  6. Leisure Pool: A smaller pool designed for leisurely dips and relaxation.
  7. Spa Pool: A warm and soothing pool for relaxation and hydrotherapy.
  8. Spa Alcove: A private corner within the spa area for a tranquil experience.
  9. Spa Deck: An outdoor space adjacent to the spa, ideal for lounging.
  10. Jacuzzi: A heated whirlpool for relaxation and muscle relief.
  11. Rainforest Grove: A lush green area with tropical plants and trees.
  12. Rain Garden: A landscaped garden that collects and filters rainwater.
  13. Serenity Pavilion: A peaceful sheltered spot for meditation or quiet moments.
  14. Lawn Pavilion: A covered pavilion overlooking the lawn area.
  15. Grand Lawn: A spacious open lawn for outdoor activities and gatherings.
  16. Day Bed Terrace: Comfortable daybeds where residents can unwind and enjoy the surroundings.
  17. Forest Pavilion: A serene pavilion nestled within the forested area.
  18. Forest Swings: Swing sets surrounded by nature, perfect for relaxation.
  19. Fern Valley: A charming valley adorned with ferns and greenery.
  20. Forest Trail: A winding path through the forest, great for walks and exploration.
  21. Wellness Deck: A dedicated space for wellness activities such as yoga or stretching.
  22. Forest Camp: An outdoor camp-style area for community events or gatherings.
  23. Pet Run: A designated space for pets to play and exercise.
  24. Pet Pavilion: A sheltered area for pet owners to socialize and relax.
  25. Fitness Park: Outdoor fitness equipment for a full-body workout.
  26. Fitness Lawn: An open grassy area for outdoor exercise and group fitness classes.
  27. Gourmet Pavilion: A covered space for outdoor dining and cooking.
  28. Tennis Court: A court for tennis enthusiasts to enjoy a game.
  29. Tots Club:
    • a) Play Garden: A safe and fun play area for young children.
    • b) Play Pavilion: A covered play space for kids.
    • c) Play Pool: A shallow pool for water play.
    • d) Play Lawn: A grassy area for outdoor play.
    • e) Play Ground: A playground with swings, slides, and climbing structures.
  30. Guardhouse (B1): The entrance point with security personnel.
  31. Boulevard (B1): An underground passage or walkway.
  32. Boulevard Drop Off (B1): A convenient drop-off point for residents.
  33. Grand Drop Off (B1): A more spacious drop-off area.
  34. Early Childhood Devt Centre (B1): A center for early childhood education and care.
  35. Childcare Play Area (B1): A play area for young children.
  36. Bin Centre (B2): Waste disposal and recycling facilities.
  37. Substation (B1 & B2): Electrical infrastructure for the building.

Lentor Mansion Facilities : 9th Storey

  1. Cabana Terrace: A cozy corner with cabanas, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors.
  2. Sky Lounge: An elevated lounge area with panoramic views, ideal for unwinding or socializing.
  3. Chill Out Terrace: A serene spot where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  4. Social Terrace: A communal space for gatherings, events, and connecting with neighbors.
  5. Work Terrace: A unique outdoor workspace where you can find inspiration while surrounded by nature.

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