FAQ for Lentor Mansion : Useful Information (updated 17 Feb 2024)

FAQ for Lentor Mansion

We know you will have lots of questions on this exciting new launch called Lentor Mansion. We have the answers for you here in our FAQ for Lentor Mansion !

But of course you are welcome to contact us for more information as it is faster and more up to date !

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It will be a sell out crowd for this launch

FAQ for Lentor Mansion

The landscape concept in this development draws the essence from the architecture. Combining the black and white heritage colonial bungalow’s theme with lush landscape, it is inspired by forest grounds. Natural elements of creeks, water bodies and planting flows throughout the development, creating soft pockets of spaces for all walks of life. Residents and visitors are able to immerse themselves into different types of landscape. The proximity to the future park elevates the entire experience, bringing nature one step closer to home.

Site coverage: 26.75%, Landscape coverage: 45.00%

88.275m SHD (16th storey)

57.350m SHD (8th storey)

Check out our Site Plan page for a beautiful site plan for Lentor Mansion for you to download to see the facilities ! Check out our impression of the list of facilities in use at Lentor Mansion.

There are Lentor Room, Drawing Room, The Chamber and The Verandah at The Mansion (main clubhouse). Single storey building at Landscape Deck level and can be accessed directly via lift from main drop off level.

Approximate size and seating capacity:

1. Lentor Room – 49 sqm 13 pax

2. Drawing Room – 33 sqm 10 pax

3. The Chamber – 55 sqm 20 pax

Can accommodate many more people depending on the type of catering eg buffet & cocktail style

1 nos. of gym at Landscape deck level, 45 sqm.

Lentor Room and Drawing Room are the main function rooms for entertaining at the clubhouse. These rooms can be combined to be used as 1 larger room for bigger parties.

Total 4 of pools

50m Pool

Depth: 1.2m

Dimensions: 9x50m

Leisure Pool

Depth: 0.9m Depth

Dimensions: 3.5x20m

Spa Pool

Depth: 0.3m

Dimensions: 4x16m and 3x7m

Play Pool

Depth: 0.5m

Dimensions: 3.5x8m

Total 6 nos. of BBQ pits.

Located at 1st Storey  – Play Pavilion, Gourmet Pavilion and Lawn Pavilion.

Located at Sky Terrace (9th Storey) – 1 each at Chill Out Terrace for Blocks 1, 2 and 3

Electric BBQ

Yes, located at The Mansion, within the male and female changing room.

There will be a security customer service personnel stationed at the customer service counter at the Grand Drop Off.

Yes, 5 lots located at Basement 1 near Block 6.

No. Visitor to park at the basement car park. (To be managed and confirmed by MCST in the future)


Near all the lift lobbies at all blocks.


Pneumatic waste refuse system (PWCS)

Visitor can take lifts from basement car park level to the designated floors.

Secured tower lifts.

No restrictions to access B2, B1 & L1 main lobbies.


Approximately 400m from Side Gate 1 with covered linkway

Yes, refer to part plan attached.

2 nos. of lifts at each residential tower.

Only for Basement lift lobbies.

For bedrooms – casement.

There are casement window and fixed glass panel provided. Please refer to show units. Contact Us for Showroom visits

No. Please refer to show units and sales model.

No units facing each other within the same tower (refer to site plan)

No units facing directly west.

• Flex rooms for Type C3 to C8.

• Efficient dumbbell layout for type B with no corridor

• Large master bedroom with space for dresser and walk-in wardrobe for Type D1, D2, E1, E2

• Yard space for Type E1, E2

• Wet/ Dry kitchen for Type C3 to D2

• Side by side living/dining space

• Additional bath for Type C6 to E2



Floor to floor height – 3.15m

Location Units

Living & Dining / Bedrooms / Flex Estimated
2.8m up to ceiling

Balcony / Private Enclosed Space (PES)
Estimated 2.95m up to ceiling

Kitchen, Dry Kitchen, Wet Kitchen, Yard
Estimated 2.4m up to ceiling board

Estimated 2.4m up to ceiling board

Household Shelter
Estimated 2.8m up to ceiling

Corridor to Bedrooms
Estimated 2.4m up to ceiling board

Along the common corridor at every floor.

Living & Dining 180 x 1220mm Vinyl tiles

Bedrooms 180 x 1220mm Vinyl tiles

Balcony 300 x 600mm Porcelain tiles

Hood, Hob, Oven, Fridge and Washer/dryer from SMEG

Kitchen sink – Franke

Kitchen mixer – Hansgrohe

All Bathrooms

Shower mixer, basin mixer – Hansgrohe

Wall hung WC – Roca

Under counter basin – Roca

Wall mounted FCU. Brand is Mitsubishi.

Smart home features – lighting points to designated areas & air-conditioning.


Pipe Gas

Type B, C1 and C2 – open kitchen

Type C3 to E2 – enclosed kitchen

Only at Type E1 and E2 Bedroom 5.


No. Balcony screen is optional and purchaser can opt in to install.


URA’s approval is not required if the screens are retractable and allow the screened space to be naturally ventilated at all times. Please ensure that necessary approval from the MCST is obtained.


Light points are provided.

Not necessary as development is in a tranquil neighbourhood and no units facing west directly.

Electrical water storage heaters for Type B, C1 and C2. Gas water heaters for Type C3 to E2.

Store at entrance is provided. The location is indicated as ‘ST’ in brochure plans.

There are no finishes below the wall. Purchaser will need to purchase additional vinyl flooring to close up the gap.

To be installed within living/ dining zone of unit.

Purchasers will be informed in the SPA of the following:

1. The Unit Air-Conditioning Ledge forms part the common property.

2. The Unit Air-Conditioning Ledge is not part of the strata area of the unit and is used solely for the placement of the air-conditioning condensing units and for no other purposes.

3. The purchaser or their tenant must allow MCST’s representative to gain access to the Unit Air-Conditioning Ledge for the purpose of carrying out its duties.

4. The purchaser is responsible to keep the Unit Air-Conditioning Ledge in a clean and tidy condition and is responsible for any damage caused to the Unit Air-Conditioning Ledge.